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Kern Group

KERN Strategies & Developments is an innovative private-sector engineering company focusing on the development, design, implementation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of production facilities and plants in the following sectors:

  • electricity storage,
  • chemistry,
  • energy efficiency and,
  • renewable energies

KERN has a team of highly qualified engineers and specialists with extensive experience in the sectors in which it operates.


KERN acts as an Engineering and Consultancy firm for developers and other agents, offering comprehensive solutions.


KERN’s MISSION is to contribute in a meaningful way to sustainable industrial development, delivering innovative technological products and services in the electricity storage, chemical, energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors.


KERN’s guiding principles are:

  • being an independent, innovative and creative company,
  • maintaining a firm commitment to its clients’ objectives and needs and,
  • consolidating and expanding its structure, ensuring the stability and development of the people that make the company what it is