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PV solar energy

Photovoltaic solar energy is electricity obtained directly from the sun (a free and inexhaustible energy source).


Its operating principle is very simple:


(1) Solar panels, which transform the energy from the sun into electricity, operate on the basis of the
“photovoltaic effect”;


(2) The electricity produced by solar panels (direct current) must first be transformed into alternating current
in order to be fed into the grid. This is done using inverters.



There are various types of facilities:

  • Fixed: the photovoltaic panels are mounted on a structure anchored to the surface
  • Tracker: the photovoltaic panels are mounted on a mobile frame that allows continuous automatic orientation of the unit towards the sun, maintaining the best possible angle of incidence at all times

The location of these facilities varies: on roofs (of industrial premises, homes, car parks, petrol stations, etc.) and on the ground.

The services offered by KERN in the field of solar photovoltaic energy are:

  • Turnkey facilities


KERN undertakes photovoltaic projects on the ground and on industrial premises and buildings.

Projects completed

KERN has developed engineering, permitting and legalization works for third parties in several plants, both on ground and on roofs, in the Madrid region, Aragon and Andalusia (References)