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Waste treatment

Waste management is becoming one of the main challenges that current society must deal with, taking into account its generation, in continuous growth, and its huge environmental, social and economic impact.


In Spain, each citizen generates – on average – one and a half kilos of urban waste each day (Solid Urban Waste); to that amount we have to add up waste associated with the industrial activity (Industrial Waste).

Nowadays, the main destination of this waste is the garbage dump, which is the option less advisable in terms of both environment protection and pressure on the ground that exists in some areas of the country. Other possible ways to manage waste, such as recycling or material and energy recovery, still represent levels far bellow European average, although their implementation has been growing in the recent years.


However, this situation can change in the following years thanks to the stimulus launched from Europe to reduce, as much as possible, the disposal of waste in garbage dumps and to increase, as much as possible, the contribution of other more sustainable ways of waste management. This stimulus is mainly due to two laws that may represent the pillars for the future waste management: one is the Framework Directive of waste (2008) and the other is the one related with waste disposal (1999) – the latter Directive, already transposed to the Spanish legislation


The services offered by KERN in the field of waste treatment are:

  • Turnkey facilities